As we have noted in previous blogs, schools that went online in a “deeper” way back in the early 2000’s learned some valuable lessons that many institutions are being forced to deal with in an “emergency” way today.

With almost every school diving deeper into the remote learning / remote working pool due to COVID-19, how we work is fundamentally changing.  This novel coronavirus is creating new norms not through iteration, but more like a flood carving out a path of land to form a new river.

One of the lessons learned almost 20 years ago, regarding large populations of students (and staff / faculty) working remotely is that it takes more than an LMS, some phones, and email to create a college experience at a distance.  It takes infrastructure.  It takes systems that connect and integrate and help with workflow and process.

This is why we firmly believe that Campus can help.  Campus is exactly the kind of tool needed to connect everyone to everything, from people to support to platforms and beyond.  And as this pandemic is going to see significant disruption to everything we know, including higher education’s norms, for 18-months or more, schools need to create this infrastructure fast.

But we are also keenly aware that during this time, schools are going to use money for things they had not anticipated, if not lose money altogether.  From unused housing reimbursements to athletic revenue to dropouts due to students losing salaries and beyond, schools are going to take a hit.  So, while we know we can help schools create infrastructure, Campus also wants to help on the financial side.  Unfortunately as a smaller company, we cannot simply give all comers a free setup, but we can surely help a few schools.  And that is what we intend to do.  We want to do our part.

So, we are pleased to let you know that Campus, in conjunction with some backing provided by the Institute for Inter-Connected Education, are offering three grant opportunities so as to set your institution up with exactly the kind of infrastructure you need during this time.  The good news?  Doing this now will also set up a lot of powerful efficiencies, communication options, student outcomes, and “college life” workflows for years to come.  

Please check out either grant page (Campus or Institute) for more information.  The grants are designed as emergency grants, meaning they are designed for speed.  No grant will require a committee of staff / admins gathering documentation for months.  They are designed to get you up and running in days or a few weeks.  

While we know it is not enough to save every institution from the pains they are feeling, we look forward to helping a few thrive.  Good luck everyone.  Stay safe.