Animated gif of Pathify's Digital ID showing the ID for Gunterdorf College student, Stew Dent. Including vaccination status and library pass.

In the era of smartphones and digital wallets, educational institutions are leaping into the future by embracing the revolutionary potential of digital ID cards. These innovative credentials empower students to effortlessly handle a multitude of tasks, ranging from streamlined dining hall payments to seamless library access and even secure vaccination record storage, all within the confines of their beloved smartphones. But there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

As digital IDs take center stage, institutions are merely scratching the surface of their potential. They yearn for additional functionalities, seeking to squeeze every last drop of value from this versatile tool. Institutions want to merge their digital IDs with their access control systems. It’s a marriage made in technology heaven, resulting in a secure yet flexible environment not only enhancing campus safety but also putting a smile on administrators’ faces.

When we conjure up images of access control systems, it’s hard not to envision those traditional keycards or fobs students clutch tightly as they make their way through doors and buildings. But let’s face it, physical access credentials are so last decade. They are all too easy to lose, expensive to duplicate and cumbersome for students to juggle. And worst of all, they are the darlings of thieves lurking in the shadows, granting unauthorized access and turning our once-safe havens into hotbeds of mischief.

But fear not, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Integrating access control systems with digital IDs brings forth a cornucopia of benefits for both administrators and students alike.

First, it creates improved lifecycle management. Bid farewell to the security headaches caused by physical cards. Revoking access or deactivating lost credentials will no longer drain your resources or precious time. With mobile credentials, administrators can swiftly add or remove access through a cloud-based platform, thwarting any unintended use with just a few clicks. IT managers, armed with the power of remote access, now control who enters which building, freeing them from the shackles of granting permissions to individuals. 

Instead, NFC credentials offer encrypted security. No more fumbling around for physical wallets or keys — mobile credentials provide a seamless experience getting you through the door in a heartbeat. And forget about trekking to an office to increase provisioned access. Mobile credentials grant students immediate access to the rooms and buildings they need, with zero interruptions to their day. It’s efficiency at its finest.

Oh, and did we mention the cost savings? Digital IDs not only eliminate the need for printing additional physical credentials but they reduce waste, making them the eco-warrior’s dream come true. Plastic cards and fobs become relics of the past, and yet, functionality remains unscathed. So, if your institution desires to shrink its carbon footprint, look no further — mobile credentials have you covered.

In a world where students demand convenience in every aspect of their lives, mobile credentials and digital IDs provide the ultimate flexibility while fortifying security measures. It’s a win-win situation promising to transform the way we think about access control.

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