In July, we rebranded from Campus to Path. The rebrand better captured our commitment to creating a stellar student experience — simplifying the daily path to student success. 

That mission hasn’t changed … but today our name is changing slightly. We’re tweaking Path to Pathify.

Candidly, we’re making the change to avoid any confusion in the higher ed tech space while also “verbifying” the name and making it more active. But most importantly, nothing else is changing.

Pathify remains dedicated to creating a student portal that goes beyond the traditional portal experience. It’s still a modern digital campus solution that combines a consumer-centric portal with vital communication channels and community-building features. We wholeheartedly stand behind this unique combination as it gives students everything they need to shape their college experience and succeed in a single platform.

Rest assured, you’ll continue to see the same great customer service, dedication to the student experience and innovative higher ed solutions … just with a few more, active letters.