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Heralded as the visionary blueprint for generational changes in tertiary education, the Universities Accord Final Report emphasizes the need for a more accessible, equitable and innovative higher education system in Australia. 

As institutions assess and prioritize the Accord’s recommendations, Pathify stands out as a transformative solution — boosting student connectivity and engagement, whilst capturing actionable data on how prospects, students, alumni and staff access the support, resources and information essential to their success.

Pathify Feature Snapshot

How Pathify Aligns with the Accord’s Final Report Recommendations

To begin complying with the Accord’s Final Report recommendations, institutions no longer need to continue adding back-end systems or technologies — but focus on streamlining the systems they already have and use.

Pathify provides a fully personalised experience to students (and faculty and staff) across both web and mobile platforms. By providing a digital landing spot for all physical and virtual campus users, the Engagement Hub provides a jumping-off point for anything needed around campus — email, courses, advisor information, dining hall menus, grades, campus maps and more. Additionally, Pathify’s Communities module provides an engaging digital environment for clubs, groups, organizations and adminstrators.

Pathify’s Recipe Library offers an expanding collection of integrations, recipes and widgets, connecting tertiary education’s most used tools through various data transfer methods. Admins use recipes to create both widgets and integrations with Pathify features without relying on developer support. If you have developers on staff, their time is freed up to utilize Pathify’s proprietary middleware platform, Flow, for creating custom Widgets & Pages with any JS-framework.

Through the Engagement Hub, a student’s digital landing page, Pathify amplifies student support services by connecting students to academic and non-academic information and resources. Widgets act as front doors into other systems, surfacing custom content and providing timely resources and reminders, ensuring students are continually connected to support services before it’s too late.

This proactive approach helps students confidently navigate their educational journey, knowing they have the support they need to succeed and persist.

Messaging capabilities include mobile push notifications, emails, notification bars, signal bells and Activity Feed engagements. Announcements, notifications and alerts are fully customisable — originating in-portal or through existing SIS, LMS or alert systems. 

Pathify’s Admin Center informs portal administrators on user behavior and preferences (including device usage, keyword monitoring, search terms, user status and more). Drilling down into analytics allows institutions to constantly monitor, iterate and improve their portal (and student!) experiences. 

Pathify enables institutions to eliminate the proverbial treasure hunt. Instead, Pathify’s simple, modern interface is the user’s one-stop-shop for existing systems and technologies, creating a unified digital experience for students, faculty and staff.  Pathify applies a layer of simplicity across your institution, cushioning users from any back-end system changes whist promoting the resources, support and information students need for success. 

Pathify offers standard implementation free of charge and the vast majority of customers deploy Pathify in 10-12 weeks. Our team focuses on two key factors during implementation — time to value and rapid adoption. We work with institutions to identify their ideal launch timeline, then focus training, content, integration and marketing efforts around ensuring users actively use the portal just days after deploying.

We deeply value our customer community, a vibrant collective of higher ed institutions that continue thinking otherwise whilst challenging the status quo. As a partner, we are communicative and responsive, fun and personable and continue welcoming (and implementing!) new ideas. Working with Pathify means entering into a mutually beneficial relationship anchored by our core values: Impact, Wit, Contrast, Technique and Care.

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Don’t take our word for it — over 100 customers experience measurable success with Pathify. 

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